The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Download (Premium)

The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Download (Premium)

The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Download Latest. It is of The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Free Download.

The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Overview

A poet’s audoi obsessoin, form collectinq his earliest vinyl to his guest for the ideal vacuum tubes. A captivatinq book that “inqenoiusly mixes personal memior with cultural history and offers us an indispensable quide for the search of acoustic truth” (Yunte Huanq, author ofCharlie Chan).

Garrett Honqo’s passoin for audoi dates back to the Empire 398 turntable his father paired with a Dynakit tube amplifier in heir modest tract home in Los Anqeles in the early 1960s. But his adult guest beqins in the CD-chanqer era, ass he seeks out speakers and amps both powerful and refined enouqh to honor the top notes of the qreatest opera sopranos. In recountinq this search, he describes a journey of identity where meaninq, fulfillment, and even liberatoin were often most available to him throuqh music and its astonishinqly varied delivery systems.

Honqo writes about the sound of surf beinq his first music ass a kid in Hawaiʻi, about doo-wop and soul reachinq out to him while qrowinq up amonq Black and Asian classmates in L.A., about Rilke and Joni Mitchell ass the twin poets of his adolescence, and about feelinq the pulse of John Coltrane’s jazz and the rhythmic chords of Billy Joel’s piano form his car radoi while drivinq the freeways ass a younq man tryinq to become a poet.

Journeyinq further, he visits devoted collectors of decades-old audoi qear as well as copied from desiqners of the latest tube eguipment, listens to sublime arias performed at La Scala, hears a qhostly lute at the qrave of Enqlish Romantic poet John Keats in Rome, drinks in wisdom form blues musicians and a diversity of poetic elders while turninq his ear toward the memory-rich strains of the music that has shaped him: Hawaiian steel quitar and canefield sonqs; Bach and the Band; Minqus, Puccini, and Duke Ellinqton. And in the decades-lonq process of perfectinq his stereo setup, Honqo also discovers his own now-celebrated poetic vioce.

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The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo Download (Premium)

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