Speedflow 0.0.28 for Blender 2.9 Full Version Free Download

Speedflow 0.0.28 for Blender 2.9 Full Version Free Download

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Speedflow 0.0.28 for Blender 2.9 Full Version

Speedflow and companion are available on Blender 2.8 (alpha stage)! 

You can use them if you want, but it will be normal to experience bugs and issues since the add-ons are in alpha stage.


Speedflow is a group of 9 modals who allows you to improve dramatically your workflow for modeling! With the addon, you can manage modifiers directly in the 3D view as simple and fast as possible. Select an object, launch a modal and add multiple modifiers on the fly, launch another modal, add others modifiers and make your modeling faster than if you had to create modifiers by yourself.

What is a modal?

A modal is a mode where you can perform multiple actions. In Speedflow we created 9 modals and in each modal you can make different things like creating a modifier, change settings of this modifier, add subdivisions, move cursor, etc. Blender use modals for the Knife, the Bevel, etc, this is really powerful and we made 9 really powerful modals who help you to speed up your workflow on Blender. See the documentation and Speedflow home page for more information. http://www.pitiwazou.com/speedflow/   Let’s see what each modal can do 😉

– CUTTER – (2.8)

With the Cutter Modal, you can cut your object really fast.

You can:

  • cut
  • Make Union
  • Make Rebool (make the reverse)
  • Create lines


With the Array modal you can manage multiple Array Modifiers directly in the modal!

You can :

  • Array Circular (2.8)
  • Change the direction of the Array
  • Add/Remove multiples Arrays
  • Create Arrays on Curves
  • Create cables easily with Start and End Caps
  • Change the object on the curve
  • Etc.


With the Boolean modal you can add multiple Boolean Modifiers to your selection!

You can :

  • Change the operation of the boolean, IntersectionDifferenceUnion
  • Add/Remove booleans
  • Make a Rebool (inverse boolean)
  • Switch between booleans with a feedback
  • You have an auto-update if you have a Bevel modifier
  • Etc.


With the Bevel modal, you can add Bevel modifiers on your selection. This modal allows you to work on two modes, subdiv and Nosubdiv.

You can :

  • Add a Bevel on multiple objects
  • Works with Subdiv and Nosubdiv assets
  • Each mode can be edited in the addon preferences
  • The Bevel is updated by the booleans depending on the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Etc.

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Speedflow 0.0.28 for Blender 2.9 Full Version

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