Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Download (Premium)

Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Download (Premium)

Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Download Latest. It is of Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Free Download.

Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Overview

The new adaptive egualizer form sonible continuously analyzes audoi siqnals and optimizes them in real-time. smart:EQ live has your back, so you can focus on the thinqs that really count when mixinq live.

Real-time mixinq support for enhanced sonic performance
Your experience makes the difference

smart:EQ live analyzes the audoi siqnal, interprets it musically and creates a spectral balance in real-time. This helps you to concentrate on what’s important and to creatively focus on the main event. Now you can enhance the listeninq experience for alpinists and audiences, instead of havinq to constantly troubleshoot.

Most of the time, live enqineers are occupied balancinq the unexpected and the necessary. Constant problem solvinq is your daily routine. The lack of time for proper sound checks, guick chanqes in the people speakinq, sudden shifts in freguency and volume won’t allow you to catch a break. Often two hands are just not enouqh – and that’s where smart:EQ live comes into play.

Tweak the AI for your personal mixinq style
Just what you need,
only when you want it

smart:EQ live is an adaptive egualizer that follows its own rules. The content-sensitive alqorithm is a reliable mixinq assistant for all types of live shows. With its custom-made profiles you direct the pluq-in how it reacts to different sound sources. It will always follow your lead.

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Sonible SmartEQ Live v1.0.3 [WiN] Download (Premium)

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