School of Motion – Design Kickstart (FULL) Free Download

School of Motion – Design Kickstart (FULL) Free Download

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In Design Kickstart, you’ll take on industry-inspired projects while learning key design concepts that will elevate your design work right away. By the end of this course, you’ll have all of the foundational design knowledge necessary to start crafting storyboards that are motion ready.

Master Design Fundamentals
Every Motion Designer needs to know how to design, and for more than just beautiful still images. You also need to know how to create compositions with motion in mind. If you’re looking to add this crucial skill to your toolkit, look no further than this course. You’ll learn important Design Principles and foundations by using them in projects that mimic real world client briefs, building your design knowledge while putting new techniques into practice right away. By the end of this course, you’ll have the foundations you need to further explore the depths of designing for motion.

Meet your classmates and get comfy with the course format. You’ll also get a taste of the Design Principles you’ll be learning in this course.

Seeing like a designer
Photoshop Hotkeys & Quick TIps

This week you’ll be introduced to the very important role of contrast in composition through the use of positive and negative space.

Using contrast in designs
Working with type
Figure-ground relationship

It’s time to dive deep into creating compositions that work as a series meant to be put into motion. You’ll explore how to put emphasis on important elements, and begin working with value and color.

Emphasizing important elements
Creating good value structure
Basic color theory

This week is a “focus week,” a chance to catch up on course work and material. You’ll also take a look at what it’s like to have design as your career.

What being a designer is really like
Review design principles you’ve learned

You’ll continue to refine your type setting skills with a complex typographical challenge. You’ll also get a lesson in simplicity by using simple shapes to communicate big ideas.

Simplifying complex ideas
Designing with large amounts of type

It’s time to put your new design skills to the test by working on your final project. You’ll get to take a full set of boards from concept to finish, while picking up some helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Additional design tips and tricks
Creating a full set of design boards
Growing as a designer

School of Motion – Design Kickstart (FULL) Free Download

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