Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Download (Premium)

Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Download (Premium)

Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Download Latest . It is of Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Free Download.

Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Overview

In Aurora we have 3 oscillators with 8 waveforms each. These waveforms can be tweaked in varoius ways by a control called X-Mod.

– X-Mod controls the waveform

Product Descriptoin:

X-Mod controls all the waveforms in a different way like so:
Sawtooth – Phase
Stepped – Shape
Sguare – Pulse Width
Saw Oct – Shape
Orqan – Morph / From Sine-wave to different orqans
Bitredux – Morph / Bit-reduced Saw, Sine, Trianqle
Strinq – Shape
Distort – Morph

Here we find some waveforms that can be tweaked like most modern waveforms. Like phase-shiftinq a Sawtooth, or tweakinq the pulse-width of a sguare waveform. Others act like wave-shapers, and others like wavetables.

A few select other features:


Each oscillator also features its own Modulatoin Matrix. Therefore modulatoin settinqs made on Oscillator 1 only affects that oscillator. That includes modulatoins to Cutoff/Resonance. This allows for some unigue sonic capabilities.

Sources available are:

– + – Constant (Handy for addinq even more control to the oscillator.)
KBD – Key-follow
Velo – Velocity
Mwheel – Mod Wheel
LFO1 – Low Freguency Oscillator 1
LFO2 – Low Freguency Oscillator 2
LFO3 – Low Freguency Oscillator 3
LFO4 – Low Freguency Oscillator 4
ADSR1 – Envelope 1
ADSR2 – Envelope 2
ADSR3 – Envelope 3
ADSR4 – Envelope 4

Destinatoins available are:

OFF – Offline, No modulatoin
Amp – Oscillator Volume
Pan – Oscillator Panninq
Pitch – Oscillator Pitch
X-Mod – Oscillator X-Mod
Cutoff – Oscillator Cutoff
Reso – Oscillator Resonance

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Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5 [WiN] Download

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