Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Download (Premium)

Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Download (Premium)

Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Download Latest. It is of Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Free Download.

Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Overview

Learn to Create Product Packaging & Labels in Illustrator & Photoshop with Projects.Start from Basic to Print Production

What you’ll learn
You will learn and understand to create Product Packaging & Labels.
To Design Contest based Product Packaging & Labels.
Product Packaging & Label Design with five real world projects and five exercises
Create Beautiful Photoshop Mockups
Design any type of Prodcut Packaging Labels.
Adobe Illustrator (any Version)
Adobe Photoshop (any version )
If you are little familiar with Illustrator & Photoshop Basics, then you will don’t have any problem to take this course. However, i will guide you where needed.
[Updated Chapter] Product Packaging & Labels Design in Adobe Illustrator
In this new chapter I created the Product Packaging & Labels from a Contest Based website.I have taken a case study from 99design.
If you want to maximize your income being a graphic designer, then this course will add more in your income.
This course will guide you and teach you professional level skills about Product Packaging and Product Labels.
So this is your opportunity not only to learn exactly how to make a variety of photoshop mockup templates but also find out how to make money by selling them.
What is covered?
In this course, you’re going to learn exactly how to create five different types of mockup templates
Chips Bag LabelShopping Bag LabelCosmetic Tube LabelPlastic Pouch LabelPaper Cup Label
Throughout each project, you will follow along from choosing the right photograph, to making the finishing touches on the template.


Section 1:[New Course as Chapter] Product Packaging & Labels Design in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 1 Introduction to Chapter

Lecture 2 Choosing Color

Lecture 3 Finding Images

Section 2: Understanding Product Packaging & Labels

Lecture 4 Types of Packaging

Lecture 5 Selecting the Right Package

Section 3: Exploring Basics of Boxes

Lecture 6 Types of Boxes

Lecture 7 Product Information

Section 4: Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 8 Why Illustrator is Selected

Lecture 9 Setting Up the Workspace

Lecture 10 Setting Up the Document

Section 5: $ 450-Project Case Study

Lecture 11 Case Study

Lecture 12 Box Packaging anad Measurements

Lecture 13 Creating Dieline

Lecture 14 Rounded Corners

Lecture 15 Creating Bleed Area

Lecture 16[Updated Lecture] How To Create Die lines, Bleed Guide & Cut Lines

Lecture 17 Creating Color Chips

Lecture 18 Creating Graphics Area

Lecture 19 Creating Design

Section 6: Label Design Process

Lecture 20 Creating Main Label

Lecture 21 Creating Supplement Effects Label

Lecture 22 Creating Side Label

Lecture 23 Final Label

Section 7: Understanding Barcodes

Lecture 24 Where to Get Barcodes

Lecture 25 Creating your own Barcodes

Lecture 26 Incorporating Barcodes

Section 8: Creating 3D Structures

Lecture 27 Creating 3D Structure

Lecture 28 Adding Design to a 3D Structure

Section 9: Print Production

Lecture 29 Design Considerations

Lecture 30 Cleaning for Printings

Lecture 31 File Formats for Printers

Lecture 32 Package Your File

Section 10: Introduction

Lecture 33 Introduction & Basic Overview

Lecture 34 All Resources

Section 11: Product Labels Design In Photoshop

Lecture 35 What is Product Packaging Mockup?

Lecture 36 Resourses To Download Templates

Lecture 37 Downloading Fonts

Lecture 38 How To Make Background Transparent

Lecture 39 How to Download Transparent Images

Section 12: Project-1

Lecture 40 Project-1 Chips Bag Packaging Label

Lecture 41 Project 1 Exercise

Section 13: Project-2

Lecture 42 Project-2 Paper Cup Packaging Label

Lecture 43 Project 2 Exercise

Section 14: Project-3

Lecture 44 Project-3 Shopping Bag Packaging Label

Lecture 45 Project 3 Exercise

Section 15: Project-4

Lecture 46 Project-4 Cosmetic Tube Packaging Label

Lecture 47 Project 4 Exercise

Section 16: Project-5

Lecture 48 Project-5 Plastic Pouch Packaging

Lecture 49 Project 5 Exercise

Section 17: Conclusion

Lecture 50 Final Thoughts

Section 18: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 51 Bonus Lecture

Those who want to design Product Packaging & Labels for their products and want to print them out.,Everybody, who wants to be a graphic designer.,This course is intended for graphic designers and aspiring graphic designers who want to learn a valuable skill to boost income.,Wants to take their designing skills to the next level.


Product Packaging & Labels Design In Illustrator & Photoshop Download (Premium)

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