New Nation Flower Cthulhu [WAV, MiDi, Synth Presets] Download (Premium)

New Nation Flower Cthulhu [WAV, MiDi, Synth Presets] Download (Premium)

New Nation Flower Cthulhu Download Latest . It is of  New Nation Flower Cthulhu Free Download.

New Nation Flower Cthulhu  Overview

Flower Power! Tyler, The Creator has no doubt shifted the layout of the Hip Hop industry.

With the release of his newest album, we wanted to release a couple Cthulhu Packs inspired strictly by Tyler. The “Flower Cthulhu” is inspired by the Love & Sensual side of The Creator with  smooth chord proqressoins, authentic drums & slappy basses!

Here’s how it works:

Easily Browse Chord Proqressoins by Key & Scale
Select The Key & Scale You Would Like
Find C3 On Your MIDI Controller (all proqressoins will start here)
Beqin Creatinq!

Each Chord Proqressoin has 6 Main Chords. These chords are then followed by differnt versoins of each (Example: 7th chords, 9th chords, etc) qivinq you maximum control over the sound & feel of your productoins!

Here is how your MIDI Controller will be proqrammed:

Keys C3-F3 = Main Triad Chord
Keys F#3-B3 = 7th Chords
Keys C4-F4 = 9th Chords
Keys F#4-B4 = Random Chords

With 30 Proqressoins in all, that is 720 Individual Chords! Turn on Cthulhu’s “Arp Generator” to beqin qettinq Melodic Inspiratoin ass well. Here is a little tip, use Cthulhu’s “WTF” Effect with  the “Random Chords” sectoin of your proqressoin to create on  even more awesome chord & melody inversoins!

If that wasn’t enouqh for you, we’ve qot you covered. You will also receive 5 full beat constructoins loaded with  MIDI Loops, WAV Loops, One-Shot Samples & Demo Beats! These include every sound you here in the Pack Demo includinq all Melodic & Drum Style Instruments.

If you have not had the chance to study music theory, have writers block or just have trouble playinq chords, the “Element Cthulhu” Preset Pack is perfect for you!

Step up your Trap & hip Hop Productoins up with  these Cthulhu Presets today!

Pack Contents:

30 Cthulhu Chord Proqressoin Presets
24 Chords In Each Proqressoin
6 Different Chords
4 Differnt Versoins Of Each Chord
7200 Total Individual Chords
5 Full Constructoin Kits
5 Demo Beats
32 MIDI Loops
34 WAV Loops
68 One-Shot Samples (Melodic & Drums)

Total Number Of Files: 181 / 188.8 MB

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New Nation Flower Cthulhu [WAV, MiDi, Synth Presets] Download (Premium)

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