Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training Download (Premium)

Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training Download (Premium)

Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training Download Latest . It is of  Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training Free Download.

Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training  Overview

A few years back I was given an interesting challenge: A local university reached out and asked whether I could take a cohort of students and teach them Digital Imaging / Adobe Photoshop in just 3 MONTHS. The idea was to take a group of students (many of whom had never used Photoshop before!) to a semi-professional level within a 3-month module.

Quite a big ask!!

At that time I’d been a professional Digital Artist for 15 years, and didn’t think it was possible to impart THAT MUCH KNOWLEDGE within such a measly amount of time – but I was wrong…

You see, when I really thought about my workflow (creating Digital Art for the pro-markets), I only ever use a tiny fraction of the software – returning to the same tools time and again. Investigating further I learned about a mathematical principle called the ‘PARETO PRINCIPLE’ (shoutout Tim Ferris!), and had come to the following understanding:


Sounds too simple to be true right? I taught the course, and when students started handing assignments in: we were STAGGERED. The quality of the work rolling in was way beyond our expectations… the system really worked.

The course was so effective, it was demoed for university open days, used for community outreach programs, and I even received invitations to teach the methodology at other campuses.

Throughout a few short years the Core Skills methodology has been taught to thousands of students across a huge spectrum: from young tweens to 80 yr old elders, from hard to reach youngsters to differently-abled / neurodivergent students – and that’s BEFORE we took this thing online!!


Whilst we start off at the ground level, the processes you’ll learn will allow you to create the most ADVANCED composite artwork on the planet!

I’m not really a fan of the ‘walkthrough’ model, believing it’s WAY BETTER to give students the fundamentals, so the creativity can truly come FROM YOU.

Give a man a tutorial he’ll Photoshop for a day. Give a man a methodology: HE’LL PHOTOSHOP FOR A LIFETIME!!


If you’re interested in creating crazy sh*t with Photoshop, then this is the best possible course that you can buy online.

I’d argue 80 – 90% of online Photoshop instructors are ‘technicians’, who mainly focus on technical tricks and the such. That’s not a diss of any kind – they’re damn good at what they do (shoutout to Terry White, love your work man!)

This course was created specifically for those interested in CREATIVE PHOTOMANIPULATION, and who better to learn from, than a grizzled veteran who pumps out commissioned photomanipulation work on the regular.

If you want to learn High-Fashion retouch, Lightroom Editing, or pure Graphic Design… there’s better courses out there, and you should give this one a swerve.

If you’d like to learn the fine-art applications of CREATIVE COMPOSITING, then Core Skills is the product for you…

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Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training


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Neo Stock Core Skills Photoshop Video Training Download (Premium)

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