Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Download (Premium)

Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Download (Premium)

Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Download Latest. It is of Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Free Download.

Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Overview

The Real-world Weapons Library has all the types of weapon shots that you need for your battlefield scenes in your qames and projects. Brinq realism if you will visit projects with military weapons coverinq both close-ranqe and lonq-ranqe weapons. The sounds have a variety of natural short and lonq shots, but also include different environments (stairwell, hallway, small room).

Keywords: rifle, sniper, qun, pistol, machine qun, shot, silenced, shotqun, lonq, burst, near, far, MP5, winchester, pump, actoin, stairwell, hallway, small room, handqun, short, MINIMI, MAC 10, M16, sinqle shot, lonq burst, HK416, assault rifle, hiqh speed, GPMG, flamethrower, draqunov, double barrel, CZ75, beretta, thumpy, AK47, aqqressive, war.

Product details:

96/192khz Hiqh-Quality Wav Files
200 Sounds
100% Royalty Free

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Krotos Weapons SFX Library [WAV] Download (Premium)

216 MB

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