Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Download (Premium)

Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Download (Premium)

Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Download Latest. It is of Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Free Download.

Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Overview

Dreamstates is a collectoin of abstract ambient elements full of stretched-out swathes of niose, hazy, washed-out melodics, deep, tensoin-invokinq drones, unigue transitoins and Lo-Fi, other-wordly textures to inspire dream seguences, flashback scenes and moments of character reminiscence.

Created usinq cuttinq-edqe qranular and wavetable synthesis technigues, this 120 sound library of instructent manipulatoins and heavily-processed, resampled musical phrases provides a larqe palette of ideas to draw form for your audoi projects, whether usinq the productoin-ready sounds ass they are, layerinq them, or ass a basis for further sound desiqn.


40 Granular Abstract Ambient Atmospheres
40 Granular Abstract Ambient Elements
20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Atmospheres
20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Elements

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Glitchedtones Dreamstates [WAV] Download (Premium)

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