CentOS – CBT Nuggets Download (Premium)

CentOS – CBT Nuggets Download (Premium)

CentOS – CBT Nuggets   Free Download Latest . It is of  CentOS – CBT Nuggets free download.

CentOS – CBT Nuggets overview

In this entry-level CentOS skills training, Shawn Powers prepares new systems administrators to use CentOS. While this CentOS skills training isn’t necessarily mapped to any particular CentOS exam, it’s training designed specifically for systems administrators.

CentOS is a very popular Linux distribution used in server rooms all over the planet. Even if you already know Linux, this CentOS course will still be useful to you. Each Linux distro has its own unique flavor on how it does things and how it interacts with other components. Shawn jumps right into CentOS, so it’s recommended that you have a good handle on basic Linux to take this course.

For anyone who manages open-source platforms training, this Linux training can be used to onboard new systems administrators, as a Linux reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

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CentOS – CBT Nuggets Download (Premium)

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