Audio Imperia AREIA LITE EDITION KONTAKT Download (Premium)

Audio Imperia AREIA LITE EDITION KONTAKT Download (Premium)

Audio Imperia AREIA LITE EDITION KONTAKT Download Latest . It is of  Audio Imperia AREIA LITE EDITION KONTAKT Free Download.


Both Areia Lite Edition and the full version of Areia share the same lush Hollywood sound that takes you from delicate and soft to aggressive and epic. Areia Lite Edition provides you with everything you need to write captivating string arrangements that shine with a detailed realistic sound without breaking the bank and an easy upgrade path to the full version when you are ready for it. If you are looking to add stunning sounding string ensembles to your music, look no further.

Now Powered by Pyramid.

Introducing Pyramid. Our unified Kontakt scripting framework. Countless hours were spent on bringing one of the easiest user experiences in the industry. No learning curves for each product, once you know Pyramid, you know them all.

A no-brainer price.

The amount of content you get for the price is astonishing. Legato for ALL, yes, you read that right, ALL instruments. Individual sections, pre-orchestrated ensembles, full ensembles, sound design… need we say more?

The Rosetta Stone of string writing.

Areia LE covers everything you need to start writing beautiful string arrangements. From soft and delicate to epic and powerful. If you own Nucleus LE, Areia LE is the perfect way of expanding and adding depth to your strings.

Want more? We got you covered.

You can upgrade to Areia full version anytime. Use the Areia LE purchase amount as a credit towards upgrading to the full version of Areia. Send us an e-mail to [email protected] whenever you’re ready.

Recorded with Capellen Music Production.

A magnificent set of players, an incredibly balanced room, state of the art equipment, and an exceptional team of sound engineers. Mix all of that together and you get that authentic, lush sound you hear in so many Hollywood scores. Right at your fingertips.

Our signature Sound Design.

In true Audio Imperia style, we provide you with some really unique sound design elements to enhance your experience with the library.

Introducing Performance Patches.

Sometimes you just need to sketch out ideas quickly, and while key-switching is a great tool for expression, it can be quite time-consuming. That is where our Performance Patches come in.

Technical perfection.

High standards of quality – that is the base of everything we do. All of our sample libraries are meticulously handcrafted, and every single sample is treated like a gem: carefully polished to bring out all their brilliance. This ensures you a buttery-smooth experience when making music. Carefully synced sample-starts and standardized pre-pads ensure that your performances will never be out of sync, while ensuring maximum realism.


  • Carefully selected essentials from Areia Full Edition.
  • Lush, cinematic string ensembles.
  • Two highly versatile microphone mixes: Classic & Modern.
  • Legato for ALL instruments.
  • Individual sections, pre-orchestrated ensembles, full ensembles.
  • Essential Sound Design.
  • Multi and Single Articulation Patches.
  • NEW! Performance Patches, for instant playability.
  • Very small footprint and low resource consumption.
  • Approximately 13 GB installed (NCW format).
  • Made for the free Kontakt Player, Version 6.4 or higher.


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