3DConceptArtist – Zbrush For Illustrators – Intensive Course Free Download

3DConceptArtist – Zbrush For Illustrators – Intensive Course Free Download

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3D Concept Artist – Zbrush For Illustrators – Intensive Course Free Download

ZBrush for illustrators INTENSIVE COURSE

This is a short and fast-paced course based on the recordings from the ZBrush for illustrators workshop. I’m going to take you step by step through my entire workflow to produce a ‘comic style’ illustration using ZBrush and Photoshop.

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to the content (recording and resources).
  • High-res PSD layered file with the final illustration: Harversters.
  • High-res merged PNG version
  • The Workshop slides and flowchart with the workflows as PDF
  • Access to private Discord server to share progress!
  • Brushes, tools and other custom resources

What do you need to know…

  • You need some basic knowledge of ZBrush and Photoshop
  • A working copy of ZBrush and Photoshop (Krita can be used as an alternative to Photoshop).
  • A drawing tablet is strongly recommended.
  • This intensive course was created using the video recordings from the ‘Live’ version of the ZBrush for illustrators workshop.

Here is a summary of what this course is all about…

The System

The intensive program consists of 5 consecutive days with two lessons each day and it has been designed with clear steps for each stage of the process so that you can reproduce the system in future projects.

The content

The videos are a jam-packed with tips and tricks and we’ll be covering everything from project planing to ZBrush rendering before moving into line refinement and colouring techniques in Photoshop!

The bonuses

On top of the core lessons from the intensive course (10 videos of ~ 1 hour and 30min), you also get all the bonus time-lapse videos covering the most repetitive sections (ZBrush detailing, scene arrangement, thumnailing, etc) Also Download Craft 5k – Wedding FIlmmaking Masterclass Download (Premium)

3D Concept Artist – Zbrush For Illustrators – Intensive Course Free Download

One file

➥ Download Now 5.6 GB↵

In Parts

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 1

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 2

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 3

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 4

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 5

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 6

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 7

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 8

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 9

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 10

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 11

ZbrushForIllustrators Part 12

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